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HamieNET has been around for more than a decade. While we strive to contribute to the music community free of charge, there are always costs associated with keeping a website running efficiently. Your support today will clearly confirm our effort.

One Time Donation

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I. Free Gift

A Stereo Headphone is the current free gift for any donation of US$10 or above
  • 3.5mm plug fits all regular music player
  • All metallic casing
  • Driver Unit: 10mm
  • Frequeny Respond: 5-25,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW
  • Cord: 0.6m
  • Random color will be sent while supplies last
  • Dispatch will be handled by a third-party drop shipper

  • A USB-MIDI Cable is the current free gift for any donation of US$25 or above
  • Built-in driver plug-n-play
  • USB powered
  • 1 MIDI-IN, 1 MIDI-OUT, 1 USB
  • 16 MIDI input channels and 16 MIDI output channels
  • LED indicators for power, MIDI-IN & MIDI-OUT
  • Supports both Mac and Windows
  • Dispatch will be handled by a third-party drop shipper

  • II. Advertisement-Free

    When you join the rank of HamieNET Supporters, as a registered user, a special title will be shown in your profile. For any amount of donation above USD$1 you have made today, you will be accessing HamieNET advertisement-free for the next whole week.

    Silver Supporter
    If your donation exceeds USD$30, you will not see a word from HamieNET's sponsors for the entire year; plus, you will receive double daily credit for twice as much activities, such as making more MIDI to MP3 conversion.

    Gold Supporter
    For some reason if you love HamieNET so much that you cannot live without it, your donation of USD$100 or more is certainly making us wordless and wouldn't dare to show you an ad on HamieNET for your entire life. Not only you will receive double daily credit, but you will also be able to access some advanced function reserved for you.

    Your support is our momentum to make the site better. We will always appreciate any support you are giving us, now and later.